The Maryland Digital Transformation Center

Give students the opportunity to succeed and something incredible happens. They succeed.

Upon graduation, students will have achieved certifications and practical knowledge in digital technologies to support their degree. These student will be well prepared and available to be hired by our customers to support the technologies they designed and deployed, join one of our partners, or start their own company and join our partnership.

Today, every organization needs to be digital, powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world, ready to take on anything. Emerging technologies are changing the game, don’t get left behind.

What we do!

The MDTC prepares students to successfully design, test and deploy digital capabilities for Federal, State, Local, commercial and international customers. Our students have the opportunity to train and certify on the latest digital cloud-based platforms and then apply that learning while using design thinking and ideation in a customer sponsored capstone program or prototype. Training and certification can be achieved online and must be completed prior to beginning work on a customer opportunity. Student training starts with fundamentals— such as solution overview, navigation, and business benefits—before progressing into application and technical training.

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